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Kulkuri Online School for Finnish expatriate children and youth all over the world

When living abroad as a Finn, the Finnish language is always in the minority – yet in a major role for a Finnish family. The best way to keep the language skills up is to study in Kulkuri

If the destination area has no suitable local school and there are no international schools available, a student can do all compulsory studies within the Finnish National Curriculum through Kulkuri. 

Kulkuri Online School maintains and develops the Finnish language skills for Finnish expatriate children and youth as well as strengthens their cultural identity. At Kulkuri we offer our students modern, high-quality, and professional teaching in all compulsory school subjects in the Finnish National Curriculum. 

At our school we invest in professional staff, the developing of our teaching methods and practices, as well as creating and maintaining a learning environment with the latest technology and skills. A continual development process and evaluation ensures high quality teaching and practices. 

Kulkuri has been operating since 1975 and has a solid history of providing quality education for Finnish expatriate students in all parts of the world. Today, Kulkuri has a vast and active co-operational network in Finland and internationally through which knowledge and experiences about online teaching and ICT in education is being exchanged. Kulkuri is member of ICONS, International Community of Online Schools, and our School Director Tuija Tammelander is the first president of ICONS. 

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School director Tuija Tammelander

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